Cleveden Drive

Residential Extension & Reconfiguration 



Our clients occupied a large sandstone terraced townhouse within Glasgow's West End Conservation Area and had purchased the attached mews building with a view to reconfiguring the ground floor of the property to incorporate the mews within a more flexible contemporary living environment whilst retaining the traditional external form of the building. 

We developed a design layout which allowed the existing enclosed rooms of the main house to be connected to the open plan kitcen/ dining/ living area within the mews via an external glazed link. The double volume of the mews building incorporates a gallery level held back from the external walls to allow natural light to flood down into the ground floor area via rooflights and the existing dormer.

The rear courtyard was enclosed with a new garage and automatic sliding gates to the rear boundary wall providing privacy from the adjacent access lane.

The project was completed in 2007.









Prior to Reconfiguration