Campsie Dene Road

Residential Extension & Reconfiguration 




Our clients owned a house on a fantastic site with great views to the south looking out to the hills on the opposite side of a valley but felt that the existing organisation of the house didn’t capitalise on the potential of the site. They also felt their existing house lacked the presence perhaps expected of such a wonderful site. They asked us to look at how we would reorganise the internal layout of the house to respond to their daily family life and what we might do to address the external appearance of the house and how it related to the outside spaces.

We prepared options showing how the house could be planned to better respond to how they lived together and also how some simple additions could transform the external appearance of the building and maximise the benefits of the garden. A glazed sunroom with sliding door panels and a lightweight zinc roof which ‘floats’ above the walls was added to the south west corner of the house to balance the front elevation of the building and connect the interior with the garden.




Prior to Reconfiguration